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Jarden Safety & Security provides trusted household name products like First Alert, Crawford, Wellington, SecureLine and Leslie Locke that offer assurance for everyday life. From smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, safes and shredders, and home intrusion prevention products, we have been keeping families safe for more than 50 years. Our lines of storage, organization and cordage offer quality securing for everyday use. Jarden Safety & Security helps protect what matters most, every day…

First Alert is first in class for home safety and security products. On the list of latest innovations from First Alert are the Atom Smoke & Fire Alarm – all the protection at a fraction of the size of a standard alarm, the Maximum Protection line of smoke and fire alarms with a patented smoke entry system to minimize false alarms, and Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray - more effective than comparably sized traditional fire extinguishers on fires in an easy-to-use aerosol can and spray nozzle.

Jarden Safety & Security is the world’s leading supplier of rope, cordage and twine with SecureLine by Lehigh and marine line sold under the Wellington Cordage brand. We also proudly sell the most durable and diverse home organizers and storage products in the business with the Crawford Organization and Storage brand.

First Alert Ready-Seal Safes and SmartBridge Surveillance Systems offer a sense of preparedness and assurance. The innovative Ready-Seal Safe is the only safe in the industry that can be bolted to the floor while remaining waterproof and fire resistant with the warranty intact. The SmartBridge Surveillance System features a fast, easy remote viewing solution allowing you to set up your remote viewing capability via the internet in less than five minutes enabling you immediate access to your live video images from any computer or smartphone, anywhere.

First Alert, the most trusted brand in fire protection has teamed up with the leader in home and business intrusion prevention. Leslie Locke remains a lauded brand among consumers, and now, Jarden Safety and Security offers the full Leslie Locke line of Home Security Doors, Window Guards, Security Fencing and Gates that are the perfect union of safety and elegance.

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